Tuesday, September 01, 2009

May God Who has begun this good work in you...

... now bring it to fulfillment. (cf. Phil. 1:6)
This is the absolutely stunning New York City ordination video from Grassroots Films.

"As we praise God that these five men
– Anthony, Christopher, Vincent, Jacob, and Louis –
have so generously accepted the invitation from Jesus himself
to serve him and his Church as priests;
that their ordination is God's doing, not ours;
that this is a pure gift from God, not an earned trophy;
that His call trumps our curriculum vitae;
that His grace lifts up our nature. ...
You will have the very character of Christ, the High Priest,
the Good Shepherd, branded on your hearts as your very identity. ...
May God who has begun this good work in you now bring it to fulfillment."
— Archbishop Timothy Dolan

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