Thursday, September 24, 2009


Tonight I begin as a catechist for 6th-graders, who will be learning about salvation history. We're starting at the beginning (Genesis 1, the creation) rather than where their textbook starts (with Abram in Genesis 11).

As soon as I get home from that, I'll be stopping back home for a few minutes to pack and say good-bye to my wife, and then it's down to Maryland. I'm staying at my sister's house for two nights while I attend the CMAA Gregorian Chant Pilgrimage at the National Shrine in Washington, DC. I wanted to have copies of my book with me, but I placed the order too late, so it won't arrive at my sister's house until sometime next week. When I won't be there. Darn. (I'll get them from her shortly thereafter. I also ordered a shipment to my address.)

I very much want to have copies by next Saturday, so that I can give one to Jeff Cavins. I also need to have copies by the following Friday, when I go to visit some clergy out in Pennsylvania, as well as my friend Russ Rentler. (Hopefully, I'll be attending his CD release concert.)

I'm so happy that already in its first day, people have bought my book. That tells me that there is demand for this sort of thing. Thanks be to God for that!

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Charles Pinyan said...

congratulations on the book's publication and best wishes on the next in the series!