Friday, May 22, 2009

What Catholic media should be

I just read Vatican II's Inter Mirifica over lunch. This document was promulgated in 1963 (along the with Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy), and provides the Church's teaching and pastoral activity in the media of social communications.

You should read it too, and then see if so-called Catholic media like National Catholic Reporter (US) and The Tablet (UK) actually adhere to the Church's teaching on media and communications from Vatican II.

On the other hand, consider the fine programming of EWTN, Sacred Heart Radio, Ave Maria Radio, etc., and then read this paragraph from the document:
It is quite unbecoming for the Church's children idly to permit the message of salvation to be thwarted or impeded by the technical delays or expenses, however vast, which are encountered by the very nature of these media. Therefore, this sacred Synod advises them of the obligation they have to maintain and assist Catholic newspapers, periodicals and film projects, radio and television programs and stations, whose principal objective is to spread and defend the truth and foster Christian influence in human society. At the same time, the Synod earnestly invites those organizations and individuals who possess financial and technical ability to support these media freely and generously with their resources and their skills, inasmuch as they contribute to genuine culture and the apostolate. (IM 17)
Have you supported Catholic media lately?

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