Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Vatican II Series - Part I

Download my notes/outline from Session 1 here.

(Update: I thought I'd point out that I was certainly the youngest person there by at least 10 years, probably 15. And the bumper stickers on my car were the topic of a brief conversation before the presentation began... two older gentleman sitting behind me were talking, and one was listing the bumper stickers he saw to the other. There weren't any comments about them, just listing of them and chuckling. My car has four bumper stickers: "It's Better in Latin", "Say the Black, Do the Red", "One Holy Catholic Apostolic — Ecclesia Militans", and "Save the Liturgy, Save the World".)

This series is going to be good. I'll be honest: I was not sure what kind of research/scholarship I would be encountering. I've heard enough people talk about Vatican II who've never read the Council's documents, just another person's interpretation of them.

This is not that kind of presentation. We got a copy of the opening speech... we got a bit of the "prophets of doom and gloom" as well as some of the "defend the truth and advance its proclamation".

The presenter's personal take on Vatican II is that it is a Council of continuity and advancement, which is quite reasonable, all things considered.

I'll post my outline of notes later in the week. Next Monday: Liturgy and Scripture!

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