Monday, March 09, 2009

The Power of the Cross: Second Week of Lent, Monday - The Cross of Christ Unites Those Divided by Sin

Ask — Whom do I treat as an outsider in God's kingdom?

Seek — As you go about your daily activities, think about how often you see someone else as "one of them" rather than "one of us". Of course, people are all unique and different. However, the gospel calls us to break down artificial barriers that prevent us from expressing the unity God desires.

Knock — Meditate on 1 Peter 2:21-24 while holding a crucifix in your hands. Think of the example of Jesus on the cross. How might you concretely imitate and model your life on Jesus?

Transform Your Life — Make discernment rather than judgment the goal of your life's decisions. Ask yourself, "What does God want me to do at this moment?" and, "What is God trying to teach me through this?" Strive to be open to his guiding presence. Learn from all whom you meet this day and every day.

The Power of the Cross: Applying the Passion of Christ to Your Life, pp. 61-62.)

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