Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Real Catholic TV

In addition to EWTN (which broadcasts on TV, with a live streaming feed on the Internet), there is now Real Catholic TV, an Internet-only Catholic television station which will soon be broadcasting programs produced by St. Michael's Media. It's only three days old, but it looks pretty good!

The "Vortex" is, admittedly, rather scathing and smart-alecky (which I fear might lead to people discrediting the actual arguments the host makes), but otherwise the programming is thoroughly Catholic.

The Vortex (from September 2) does make an excellent point about the Democrats' desire for abortions to be "safe, legal, and rare". If abortion is a legal right, why shouldn't we be allowed to exercise it whenever we wish? Why shouldn't abortion be permitted at will?


Mark said...

Looks interesting; I shall have to check it out.

Have you seen

Simon Rafe said...

Thanks for the kind comments - just to point out, isn't connected with Saint Michael's Media. We just broadcast (or WILL BE broadcasting) programs produced by Saint Michael's Media.

We urge everyone to check us out!

Simon Rafe
~Senior Platform Administrator,

Marc said...

Wow ... RealCatholicTV is really interesting and worth a daily look!

Anonymous said...

I'm already a big fan of Real Catholic TV. It is now part of my mornign routine to check out the days news and topics. Very polished for an upstart and definately not programing focused on the blue haired faithful. Has Catholic media made the leap all the way to generation X? it looks promising so far!

thebard, -TX

Anonymous said...

Reference the "smart alecky" or edgy style of the commentary on the Vortex:

To often we water down what needs to be said where it begins to sound like...blah, blah, blah.

Proclaiming the truth of the Gospel in our days means not being so sensative that we arn't afraid to shake a few cages. Read Saint Paul lately?!

Maybe we have been collective wall flowers for enough decades. Maybe bold is also an appropriate tact. In the words of JPII, Be not afraid!

thebard -TX

japhy said...

Proclaiming the truth of the Gospel in our days means not being so sensitive that we aren't afraid to shake a few cages. Read Saint Paul lately?!

As you can see from my blog, yes, I have. :)

Edward said...

Don't forget Salt & Light TV which has been on the air for several years now - and finally has live streaming, as well as some archived shows. Canadian, and therefore less 'in your face' than American Catholicism - but faithful to the magisterium. It is run by young Catholics and headed by a Basilian father who is self-described as a John Paul II priest.

Ted Smith
Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Anonymous said...

Looks really awesome! I love the music. Telecare TV / Telecare Television is really good as well... they do a ton of original programming and have a lot of videos on their web page site.

Peace and God Bless all,

MacKenzie said...

In this discussion how was the first Catholic television station in the world (1955-present) and one of the original television stations to both archive and offer a live stream of their 24-hour programming (1993-present) forgotten?

Jeff Pinyan (japhy) said...

MacKenzie - That one is new to me! Thanks for sharing.