Thursday, September 18, 2008

Prayer to the Holy Spirit before proclaiming Scripture at Mass

I have composed a prayer to the Holy Spirit for use before proclaiming Scripture at Mass. I'll post a translation soon, but here's the Latin. Perhaps some of you can guess what it says.
Te precor, Spiritus Sancte,
in corde meo es et labiis meis,
ut competenter digneque Verbum
quod intra prophetas apostolosque
[praesertim N. et N.] inspiravit annuntiem,
ad glorificationem Dei et sanctificationem populi sui.

O Holy Spirit, I beg you:
be in my heart and upon my lips,
that I might worthily and fittingly proclaim
the Word which you placed within prophets and apostles,
unto the glorification of God and the sanctification of His people.

"O Holy Spirit" = Spiritus Sancte
"I beg you" = te precor
"be" = es
"in my heart and on my lips" = in corde meo et labiis meis
"that I might proclaim" = ut annuntiem
"fittingly" = competenter
"and worthily" = digneque
"the Word which" = Verbum quod
"you placed" = inspiravit
"within prophets and apostles" = intra prophetas et apostolos
"unto the glorification of God" = ad glorificationem Dei
"and the sanctification of His people" = et sanctificationem populi sui

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