Monday, September 15, 2008

Life: The hypocrisy of embryonic stem cell research

From Fr. Z's blog, WDTPRS, I share with you this gem. The text is from Bishop Edward J. Slattery (Tulsa), in a statement regarding the recent public comments made by Pelosi and Biden regarding abortion and the beginning of human life, as it pertains to the teachings of the Catholic Church:
Modern science clearly proves that human life begins at conception. At the moment when DNA from the mother and the father combine, a new, unique human being, who will develop continuously until death, is created. From then on, the early zygote functions as a human being. It has specifically human enzymes and proteins, and, over time, it develops complex human tissues and organs. After this genetic transfer, it can never develop into any other kind of being. Even as it develops through the process of pregnancy, the human nature of the zygote, embryo, fetus, or baby never changes. It is this nature that directs and causes the miraculous physical transformation that takes place during the pregnancy. [Good paragraph. He shows the continuity of the human person, at different stages, from conception to natural death.]

In fact, the desire of some persons to destroy embryos in order to harvest stem cells is dependent upon the reality that they are already biologically human. [Excellent point!]
Excellent point indeed!

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