Thursday, July 03, 2008

Saint for the weekend

So... guess what's halfway between Allentown, PA, and the French Creek State Park?

The National Centre for Padre Pio in Barto, just off PA-100 south of Bally. It came out of nowhere!

I stopped by with my sister on the way back from our hiking. I bought a booklet containing Padre Pio's reflections on the Agony in the Garden; I also bought "Questions and Answers with Pope Benedict". Neat place.

I didn't attend the Byzantine Divine Liturgy this morning, but I will tomorrow; I'll be sure to report on that!


Tiber Jumper said...

And you didn't stop bye!
We love going to the shrine at Barto but are saddened because they are not able to have the Eucharist. It's a long story, I can't get into, but it still is a beautiful place to pray, meditate, and ask St Pio's intercession. The library is really neat with many out of print good Catholic periodicals and books.
You also can venerate one of Padre Pio's gloves if you ask one of the employees to bring it out.
God bless

japhy said...

Sorry, my weekend was rather busy. I have yet to blog about it (specifically the Divine Liturgy) but I will soon. Are you still living down Rt. 29, or are you in your new house yet?

That's sad that they can't have the Eucharist at the Shrine. :(

Tiber Jumper said...

Both! we haven't sold the Emmaus house so we spend the week in Emmaus and the weekends in the new one, painting, fixing stuff etc. Pray that we sell. The new house is 3/10ths of a mile from a parish that has exposition and adoration daily!

japhy said...

I will definitely pray for you. Next time I'm in the Allentown area, I'll give you a heads-up, and you can let me know where you'll be. I'll see if I can't stop by for a visit.