Monday, July 21, 2008

Liturgy: Another Byzantine Divine Liturgy

I was in Harrisburg, PA, this Sunday, at St. Ann's Byzantine Catholic Church (called the "Jewel of the Eparchy" by the bishop). They had a surprise visit from their Metropolitan, who celebrated the liturgy for them.

Their church is distinctively Eastern (that is, not Latinized). The walls have large icons painted onto them depicting various scenes in the life of our Lord, his Blessed Mother the Ever-Virgin Theotokos Mary, and the Church. The iconostasis was beautiful and recently add gold trim added. The liturgy was heavenly, with angelic chanting from the choir (and especially their cantor, who has an amazing voice), the priests and ministers, and the congregation too.

After the liturgy, the parish held an American-Slavic Festival, drawing a very large crowd.

I thank Ed for inviting me to come out. It was a 300 mile trip (Princeton to Allentown -- to see my parents -- to Harrisburg and back to Princeton) that was well worth it.

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Gretchen said...

We are considering a pilgrimage there this weekend, as it will be St. Ann's feast day on the 26th. I have some friends from PA who love this church and attend whenever they can.