Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Word Study: Being "sent" in the Gospels

I should read the Gospels and pay close attention to every occurrence of the word "sent" (or any variation thereof).  The word "sent" (or "send", "sends", "sending") appears in the RSV of Matthew 33 times, in Mark 24 times, in Luke 44 times, and in John 61 times.  I would expect that it is in John's Gospel that it is used the most times in reference to Jesus being sent by the Father, and the disciples being sent by Jesus.

This is being filed away for later study!


anne said...

Just wanted to wish you and your family a blessed Christmas season and a happy and healthy 2010.
...Anne from RPInet discussion.

Jeffrey Pinyan said...

Thank you, Anne. May God bless you and yours today and always!