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Excellent Scripture resource from

Side-by-side Greek, English, and Latin texts of the Bible.  Very useful, very well presented, and just cool.

Check it out!


Gretchen said...

Hi Jeff,

Sorry to post OT, but can you point me to some scholarship that debunks the protestant idea that Dagon the fish god and the pope's mitre and all is linked? I really need some info on that for a friend who is waayyy off base. If you don't have any handy resources, don't worry about it. Thanks, G.

Jeffrey Pinyan said...

Here are some resources:

Scattering Flowers

"The miter (mitra, mitre, infula) is the liturgical head-covering of the bishops, including the pope. It is not possible to prove its existence with certainty before the tenth century. The form has passed through many variations. At first it was a round cap fitting the head closely with a brow band and ribbons falling down on the back of the neck. The miter soon developed into a biretta with edges turned up sharply; it then received a tall peaked termination and finally assumed an oval form. An ornamental band, decorated in special cases with precious metals and stones, surrounds the lower rim, a second vertical one divides the breadth. The fabric is also embroidered with designs and figures. The material is silk; only at councils are linen miters prescribed for the bishops, in order to distinguish them from the cardinals." (source)

A thread on Catholic Answers Forum.

Gretchen said...

Thank you!!

Mike said...


Here's another resource. It says, basically, that if we're worshiping a fish god then so also are Anglicans, some Lutherans and the Eastern Orthodox, as they all employ mitres as part of their liturgical dress.

I think these anti-Catholic bigots have managed to prove too much.

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Gretchen said...

Mike, Thank you.