Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Liturgy: Search the Lectionary

I've written yet another Scripture search tool. Now you can search the Lectionary by Scripture reference. If you want to know when we hear John 1:1-14 at Mass, now you can find out easily! Edit: As of noon on January 28, I've included the Lessons, Epistles, and Gospels of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. I don't yet have the Graduals, Alleluias, and Tracts from the 1962 Missal, nor the propers for votive Masses.

This tool, like the Catechism and Magisterial Documents tools, is free to use. Please advertise it on your web site or blog if you find it handy!


Timothy said...

Thanks for the link. The Lectionary search reference is very cool and I am sure will be very helpful.

Actually, I am surprised that there aren't many, if any, Catholic Bibles that include such a reference. (I think the new Bible by the Catholic Truth Society in London has included something like it in their recent publication.)

alexw said...

This is very useful. Thank you.

By the way, there's something wrong with your tool. I notice that John 1:1-14 doesn't show up at every Mass. ;)

Jeff Pinyan (japhy) said...

Timothy - my NAB has a table in the back that tells me what readings I hear on what day. This is the inverse of that, essentially: what day I will hear what Scripture.

I'm now compiling, at someone else's request, a list of the verses we DON'T hear in the O.F. of the Mass. (That includes 1 Cor 11:27-29, sadly...)

alexw - Har har. ;)

Timothy said...


Yes, I am aware of the NAB Sunday Readings selections that are in a lot of NAB Bibles. However, I wouldn't mind seeing these readings have a small cross-reference tool in the text itself.

Jeff Pinyan (japhy) said...

Timothy - Yeah, it'd be great, but it would also take up a bit of space. :)

Moonshadow said...

Definitely handier than the index in my O.F. St. Joseph's missal ... and, yeah, the NAB index is more of a liturgical calendar, organized by cycle & day, not canonically.

St. Joseph's used to publish a liturgical bible that I received years ago when I was a lector ... must have been during college, then. I still have it someplace ... but, as a Bible, it contains only those Scriptures read at Sunday mass.

So, I'm ignorant: does the E.F. cover the entire Bible in its cycle? I owe some apologies if it does.

Jeff Pinyan (japhy) said...

moonshadow - No, the E.F. doesn't come close to covering the entire Bible in its single-year cycle. But that was never its intention.

It could cover more if each weekday had its own readings, but most weekdays simply repeat the readings from the previous Sunday.