Thursday, January 01, 2009

St. David the King - Open Forum

This is an open forum for discussion stemming from the St. David the King high school Bible Study Q&A session.

Questions on the
liturgy should take place at Critical Mass.

Acts 9:31 is the verse which reads, in Greek, "ekklesia ... kata holos" ("the churches throughout all [Judea and Galilee and Samaria]"). The words kata holos are where we get "Catholic" from: "according to the whole; universal".

And the other statement I made that might lead to some interesting conversation was: "What Satan wants is for men to behave like animals, and women to behave like men." I explained it this way: "God made man — male and female — in His image. That means males are in the image of God, and females are in the image of God. We don't need to become something else to be in God's image, and when we forfeit our human nature, we are turning away from the image in which we have been made, even going so far as to claim that perfection as a person can't be found in the image in which God made us.

So when men act like animals — and you can take this to mean attraction to violence, unrestrained sexuality, insatiable appetites for power and wealth, etc. — they are trading the image of God for a mere animal. And when women act like men — and by this I mean that attitude whereby women are not "equal" to men unless they are identical to them in virtually every regard — they are denying that they are already in God's image as women, and equal with men before His eyes. They don't need to become "more".

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