Thursday, May 29, 2008

Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at Mater Ecclesiae

My wife is going to Fordham University tomorrow evening for the first day of their Medieval Conference. I was planning on seeing Prince Caspian (meh) since she did not express interest in seeing it, but instead, I will head down to Mater Ecclesiae parish in Berlin, NJ for their Mass (in the Extraordinary Form) of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


JP said...

How was your experience? I live 10 minutes from Mater Ecclesiae. I have never been to a Traditional Mass and am looking forward to the opportunity although I will feel quite out of place I am sure

japhy said...

Hello, jp. The experience at M.E. is powerful. Not every Mass is a choral one like they had on the Feast of the Sacred Heart -- in fact, they won't have another through the summer -- but the E.F. of Mass is celebrated properly and reverently, by the priests, servers, and faithful. The homilies I've heard there are wonderful.

If you want, I can accompany you -- or rather, meet you there, since you're much closer -- to Mass sometime. I plan on attending a couple Sunday Masses there between now and the end of July, and I can also make their Wednesday evening Masses. We could meet ahead of time, even, so I could explain the differences a bit and prepare you for what is most certainly a different Catholic experience than you're used to.

My email address is in my profile. Feel free to contact me. (Also, I'll add your blog to my reading list. I will pray that you will soon be able to receive Holy Communion in the Church again!)

JP said...

I just may take you up on that.

I'll email you