Monday, December 03, 2007

Advent: What do you do?

Do you make any changes in your daily (or weekly) routine during Advent? Or do you do nothing special?

I will be attending daily Mass during Advent, including Saturday morning (which my parish does not have) by attending the Ordinary Form in Latin (hopefully). Daily Mass will either be in the morning (7 AM or 8 AM) or during lunch time (12:05 PM) or in the evening (Monday nights at 7 PM followed by Adoration and Night Prayer); I will keep the "old school" Eucharistic fast in any case: nothing but water from midnight, until after Mass. (This will also help me lose weight, especially if I go to Monday night Mass.) I've started the new liturgical year by "hitting the books"... specifically, praying the Liturgy of the Hours daily and reading/studying the Sacramentary. Of course, reading or hearing Sacred Scripture is part of my daily lifestyle already (what with Mass, Bible Study, and other reading).

I missed the 12:05 Mass today, because I thought it was a 12:15 Mass and the primary road to the Chapel was closed because of downed trees (due to the winds blowing across the northeast today) and it then took me nearly 10 minutes to get there by another route. So that means I haven't eaten anything today (except water) and won't eat anything until after Mass this evening (which is followed by an hour of Adoration and Night Prayer). I've got a grumbly in my tumbly. Oh well. John the Baptist ate locusts and wild honey.

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Tiber Jumper said...

a grumbly in my tumbly...yes!
God bless you on your advent devotions!