Friday, February 27, 2009

The Power of the Cross: Friday after Ash Wednesday - How much we need Jesus

Ask — How greatly do I feel the need for Christ in my life?

Seek — Practice fasting before your reception of the Eucharist. Also find special times to fast before high points in the Christian year and during high points in your own life so that you may always remain focused on your need for Christ. Try doing more than is required by the Church.

Knock — Meditate on Revelation 22:17, 20. What did Jesus say about two or more gathering in his name? Who are you waiting for?

Transform Your Life — Foster and keep before you the need that you have for Jesus. Make your constant prayer to Jesus one of entreating him to come, to be present, inviting him to be a part of your life.

The Power of the Cross: Applying the Passion of Christ to Your Life, pp. 263-264.)

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