Friday, October 17, 2008

Making a mockery of Christ the King

The Church of England is hijacking November 23rd, the Solemnity of Christ the King, with their National Youth Sunday which is obsessing itself with "social sins" (like failing to recycle, not turning off light switches, and littering).

Oh, wait. Not the Church of England. The Church in England. The Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales is promoting this travesty. "Reclaim the Future" has a liturgy plan which involves numerous modifications to the liturgy -- such as choreographed skits/dances during the First Reading and during/after the Gospel; paraphrasing (poorly) the Responsorial Psalm; an ad hoc Penitential Rite; distribution of chocolate after Communion; an entrance procession involving light bulbs, recycling bins, etc. -- and which completely takes the focus of Christ as King and places the focus squarely on people. Everything their liturgy plan advocates is distracting from the actual liturgy itself; much of it is objectively abusive to the liturgy as the Church calls us to celebrate it.

Look, I just bought a hybrid car. I'm all for energy reduction, recycling, not littering (I cannot stand to see people throw cigarette butts on the ground!), etc. But to hijack the Mass for this? Utterly atrocious.


Anonymous said...

I would urge everyone to write to Cardinal Arinze, CDW, regarding this, whether they live in England or not. It must be stopped.

They are making a mockery of our Holy faith.

Christ died for us, and they allow this? At the mystical re-enactment* of His Passion and death. It's like spitting in His face, especially given the choice of feastday!!

* well, it's anamnesis right? So not reenactment...

Weekend Fisher said...

That is a sad and stomach-turning sign of the times. Maybe those lobbying for Christ the King to be celebrated properly can also help them relocate National Youth Sunday and/or National Ecology Sunday to some day other than Christ the King?

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF