Sunday, April 20, 2008

Welcome to The Cross Reference

(I might be getting some new visitors over the next few days, so I'll take this moment to introduce the blog.
I am also going to be away this weekend, so this post will remain up front until I get home Sunday afternoon.)

My name is Jeff Pinyan (my internet handle is japhy). This is my blog, The Cross Reference. I started it over two years ago as a place to publish my notes for the Bible Study my parish was doing at the time on the Synoptic Gospels. A lot has happened since then: I've become more Catholic in my theology and my thinking, I've gotten married, and I've started (or "inherited") a Young Adult Bible Study. Nowadays this blog has a handful of purposes: to house Young Adult Bible Study notes, to discuss the liturgy and its proper celebration (according to the mind of the Church), to reflect on Scripture and various topics in theology, to discover and live the Tradition of the Church, and to share some personal insights.

The current Young Adult Bible Study topic is the Parables; look for this week's study guide some time tonight! I am working (offline) on a series about the Mass and Scripture that will eventually make its way onto this blog in bits and pieces. I also plan on producing more episodes in The Cross Reference Podcast, although I haven't settled on a topic for the second episode yet.

It is my desire to keep this blog true to its name; that is, everything written and discussed here is done in reference to the cross of Jesus Christ, that sign of God's love, the altar of the most perfect sacrifice. Thanks for stopping by.


preacherman said...

I want you to know that I a non-Catholic have been blessed by your blog. I have learned so much from the Cross Reference. I you have challenged my faith, relationship with God, my views on the church, and have learned much about your church. I have been so blessed to say the least. I love reading your blog. It is one of my favs. I pray that God will bless you, your wife and this blog as you continue to discuss topics that have meant so much to my life. I pray God will bless your life in every way.

I bet you where so excited to hear and see the pope's visit. It was neat to watch all the rituals that they have with incents, mass in Latin, mass in english, and in San Antonio spanish. The pope knows many languages. I think he is a pope that brings the heart of Christ to people as we see him visit with families that were abused by those trusted. I think this visit has helped people think about their lives and faith.

Japhy again, thank you so much for your blog and all it has done and continues to do.
Your Friend in Christ and fellow blogger,
Kinney Mabry

preacherman said...

God bless you and your family brother!
Keep up the wonderful blogging.
I love your blog.
It is definately one of my favs if not my fav. to read.
Your Friends and brother in Christ,
Kinney Mabry

Tiber Jumper said...

Hey Jeff:
Congrats on two years blogging!
This summer we are moving up to Orefield, should have the same phone number if you get a chance to stop by.
God bless and happy anniversary coming up!

japhy said...

Orefield's not too far away; I will make an effort to stop by sometime when I'm visting my folks.