Friday, April 18, 2008

Music: Papal Mass in DC

I wasn't a fan of much of the music at the Mass. The Responsorial Psalm was frighteningly dissonant all around, for example. The commentators on EWTN (Fr. John Neuhaus and Raymond Arroyo) made some painful and insightful remarks, and Jeffrey Tucker at The New Liturgical Movement says more than I could say, and he says it with more charity and tact.

The Vespers service held the night before had beautiful music. I am hoping the Masses in NYC will be more sacred and also present a refreshing contrast to that Mass in DC.


Anonymous said...

Trditional music has been neglected in no way and the traditional music of the church will always stay.We must remember we are one universal church which has different types of music and langauge in the end the purpose is to worship God. It is beautiful that we have a different types of music in our church as it shows how diverse a church we really are. We must thank God for this diversity and make sure that we celebrate what we have, As everyone is different and prays to God in different ways and langauages. Faith is something that is very personal and something that is celebrated in different ways.

The DC mass was a means of showing that although we are all different , we are one in the Holy Roman Catholic Church , something which will never change and always be the same. The mass appealed in worship to everyone in all different ways every song had a sentiment in giving all glory to the Lord and all hymns were in the charcter of sacred music as the songs fitted well to the holy liturgy.

PT said...

The music at the mass was very spiritual and extermely uplifting. I thought that it was very emotional and fitted well to the litrugy of the Holy spirit. The music for the mass was set to different tones all gave glory to the Lord