Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Liturgy: From BCL to CDW

[Via The New Liturgical Movement, via Amy Welborn.]

The former "Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy" is now the "Committee on Divine Worship". Deo gratias!


liturgy said...

Sorry - the point is lost on me
why is the change of name a source of gratitude to God?


japhy said...

The word "liturgy" is becoming associated with many things nowadays that seem to remove its emphasis on the worship of God. Increasingly, either the priest or the congregation is the center of attention in the liturgy.

Identifying the committee's area of operation as "Divine Worship" makes it very clear that the worship of God is the goal of the liturgy, and that the committee will make efforts to make that worship more solemn, more pious, and more Catholic.

liturgy said...

I see what you mean.
You are quite right - the purpose of liturgy is the worship of God
just as the purpose of a hammer is to bang nails in.
We can work to get a good quality hammer - but must focus on its purpose: baning in nails!

As an Anglican it has long concerned me that worship of God is not inlcuded in the five-fold mission statement of our church.
I would have thought that worship of God is central in being church.

Advent blessings