Friday, November 30, 2007

Blogger: Using Google Reader for vanity's sake

I use Google Reader to manage my many blog subscriptions (found on the right-hand column), and I decided to see how many subscriptions to my blog Google Reader knows about. It knows of 6! I think that's pretty cool. I hope to eventually get into the double digits, though. Not for my sake, of course, but because the blog is helpful for others. So if you know anyone who is interested in the type of things I write about, please share my blog with them.


Kevin K. said...

I am a seminarian from the Diocese of Trenton (My home parish is actually St. Paul's in Princeton.) and I found your collection of liturgy documents to be very helpful (research is easier when most everything is in one place!). I added you to my GoogleReader page just out of curiosity. It is a rather well-done blog!
God bless.

japhy said...

Thanks for speaking up. :)

I'm glad my blog can be of service to you. I'll pray for you and your seminary studies, Kevin.