Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Scripture: Historia Salutis, Conclusion (Listening to the Word of God in the Life of the Believer)

Part 5 of the Historia Salutis series.

  1. "A fervent listening to the Word is fundamental to a personal encounter with God. Living according to the Spirit results from making room for the Word and allowing it to be born in one's heart." Only in this way "can the Word take hold of and convert a person". St. Maximus the Confessor wrote: "The Word of God, if pronounced by rote and not heard, have no resonance in the actions of whose who merely speak them. But rather, if they are pronounced and put into action, they have the power to dispel demons and help people build God's dwelling in the hearts and make progress in works justice." (Capitum theologicorum et aeonomicorum duae enturiae IV, 39) This dwelling "comes about through an act of praise arising from the heart", following the example of Mary "who listened so well that every Word of God was taken up and lived in love (cf. Deut 6:5; John 13:34-35)".
Thus ends my summary of Historia Salutis. I will be giving my answers to the questions in the near future (and hopefully passing them on to the Bishop representing my region), as well as treating this lineamenta to a commentary (rather than just a summary which contains, for the most part, paraphrasing and quoting).

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