Thursday, September 13, 2007

Evangelization: Support the Catholic Answers Forum

I'm a member of Catholic Answers Forums, which is one of the many apologetics and evangelization resources that Catholic Answers offers free of charge. The forum has been visited over one million times in August, and over 7 million pages of useful information about the Catholic faith were delivered to these visitors. Catholic Answers Forums is the largest Catholic Community on the Internet!

But this phenomenal growth requires substantial network bandwidth, more computer equipment, more software, and more support personnel -- all of which cost money. Please help them raise $20,000 this month to keep this valuable Catholic resource alive. If you can make a (tax-deductible) donation, please do.

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Anonymous said...

Catholic Answers Forum has this week removed the Eastern Christian forum, replaced it with the "Eastern Catholicism" Forum, and is secretly banning members like Fr. Ambrose (who himself was a contributer)
Check the evidence for yourself:,13287.msg186470.html#msg186470