Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Personal: Eight Random Things

Anne (the Weekend Fisher) has tagged me on the "Eight Random Things" meme. This is my first new post since returning from my honeymoon; I updated my "Books of Reasonable Price" post, but this is the first new post.
  1. I am overcoming a childhood addiction. To LEGO sets. I adore Castle LEGO sets. When I moved into my new apartment two years ago, I bought many new Castle LEGO sets to pass the time and feed my addiction. Then I bought a lot of LEGO bulk sets on eBay. Now I am trying to figure out what to do with them all. I'm slowly overcoming this addiction. It's stopped sapping me of funds, but they still take up space in my new bigger apartment.
  2. I watched a lot of Voltron, MacGyver, and American Gladiators as a kid. Now I watch a lot of Monty Python, House MD, and The Colbert Report.
  3. I used to think yellow American cheese was intrinsically different from white American cheese. I was convinced white cheese "tasted funny".
  4. I've lost approximately 30 pounds since January, and I attribute a majority of that weight-loss to actually fasting for real during Lent this year. I held to the older traditional Eucharistic fast, meaning I consumed nothing but water from midnight until I had received the Eucharist that day (if I was planning on attending Mass, which I did almost every day of Lent); the trick was that Monday Mass was in the evening, so Mondays were harder fasting days for me than Fridays. I called my diet plan the "two square meals and one round one" plan, with no offense to the Eucharist intended whatsoever. (Really, I'm quite grateful that God stepped in where I was not able to... I don't find a lot of time for exercise.)
  5. My wife, Kristin, and I have known each other for seven and a half years; we've been engaged for three and a half years; we've been married for two and a half weeks.
  6. I am a Perl programmer by trade. I love Perl, always have, always will. I use PHP some of the time at work -- I don't like it, but I don't hate it (as much as I should).
  7. I have read all six Harry Potter books (as has the Weekend Fisher), although my wife has read them far faster than me (and multiple times). She will be consuming the seventh book in a day, I know it. We're taking our first "date" since getting married to see the latest movie tonight.
  8. My sense of clothing style has improved drastically since I met my wife. Apparently, a couple months after we started dating, I asked her if we had to "keep dressing up for each other". Ouch. She has helped my fashion sense considerably. I can dress myself now!
I have to tag eight other people (so say the rules) but I'm not sure my readership supports such a large number. I'll tag four and we'll see if another four want to step up to the plate.

I will tag Tiber Jumper, Prodigal Daughter, Gretchen, and Amber.


Tiber Jumper said...

Thanks Japhy! Hows the Newly weds?
Glad your back!
You guys were in our prayers.
The blogosphere missed you!
Look forward to your comments on the CDF statement!

God bless

Weekend Fisher said...

I've always loved lego's ... but it sounds like you've passed me up by a mile on lego fandom.

Milly said...


japhy said...

For some reason, gmail is not forwarding messages to me properly. Thus, I haven't known about these replies. Silly gmail.

I'll be back in action on the blog soon. Work's busy now that I'm back, and the wife's spending much of her day arranging things in the apartment.