Friday, July 27, 2007

Liturgy: Liturgy of the Hours, Night Prayer (now in Latin)

Update (2007-07-27): I've added more Latin and corrected some more typos. See below.

I have a booklet available for download and printing. It's Night Prayer (part of the Liturgy of the Hours); I compiled it from my Liturgy of the Hours (in English) and from Latin translations of most of the prayers I found online, as well as from an edition sent to me by AJV on the Catholic Answers Forum. It covers Night Prayer for all the days of the week (Saturday's Night Prayer is Sunday's Night Prayer After Evening Prayer I). It has the Psalmody, Reading, and Prayer for each night in one section, and the "Ordinary" of Night Prayer (the Introduction, the Examination of Conscience, the Responsory, the Canticle of Simeon, and the Marian Antiphon) in another section. It also has a brief introduction to the Liturgy of the Hours, as well as a guide to the formatting used in the booklet.

(Updated) Latin is provided for all of Night Prayer, including each day's closing prayer and the all the antiphons for the Psalmody. The psalms themselves are provided in Latin, as are the readings, alongside the English translation; Latin translations primarily follow the Biblia Nova Vulgata. The page margins have changed to allow more text on each printed page. I've also added bold formatting to the psalms to aid in chanting and antiphonal recitation. Each strophe has the first word of each section in bold so you can split the psalms up between people or groups.

The file is a 322 K, 20pp MS Word document. Please refer to the printing caveat on my book list posting. The file is set-up as B4 paper size, so when you print it in booklet form, your printer needs to know it's converting B4 paper to Letter paper.


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