Thursday, November 25, 2010

Crisis with the Roman Missal: 2010 text looking terrible

I'll get right to the point.  The 2008 English translation of the Roman Missal looked very good, very promising.

The 2010 text, on the other hand, looks atrocious.  It is full of errors and oddities and other problems that just make it ugly and stilted.  Please, please, please give us back the 2008 translation.  The 2010 text is going to result in an absolute disaster.  Eyes (and heads) will roll.

Important Update:  the linked text is from April.  It is not the final revised version of the text that we are eagerly awaiting.  But it goes to show you what sort of translation was approved for use back in 2010!  How did it get such approval with all these serious shortcomings?!

Lord almighty, help us out here!


benedictgal said...

I think you should have put a disclaimer on your post, something along the lines of: this will ruin your Thanksgiving dinner because it will make your stomach turn.

All kidding aside, are we sure that this is the final version? Do we know what the entire 2008 version of the text of the Roman Missal looks like? It just seems to me that what was leaked might not have been the final version after all.

Schütz said...

Could you please tell me more about this, Jeff? I don't understand what is happening.

I did do a bit of a double take when I looked at the First Sunday in Advent Entrance Antiphon on the leaked version:

"To you, I lift up my soul, O my God.
In you, I have trusted; let me not be put to shame.
Nor let not my enemies exult over me;
and let none who hope in you be put to shame."

Isn't there a redundant double negative in that "Nor let not"?

Could you please drop me an email explaining what is going on?

Jeffrey Pinyan said...

I think the 2008 Order of Mass is superior to the 2010 Order of Mass, with a few exceptions (such as part of the wording at the beginning of the Roman Canon about "we offer it to you for them, or they offer it to you for themselves and those who are dear to them", something like that).

What I have seen of the 2008 propers looks superior to the 2010 propers.

The link goes to the 2010 text from April. I have not seen what the latest final revised text looks like, but I pray to God it is closer to 2008 than 2010. Otherwise, there will be a serious problem on our hands, and we don't have enough hands for another serious problem.

benedictgal said...

Do you have a link to the 2008 edition?

Jeffrey Pinyan said...

I still have PDFs saved to my computer of the 2008 Order of Mass, but I do not have access to the complete 2008 translation.