Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Pilgrimage

From July 4 through July 10, I will be on pilgrimage!  I'll be going from Allentown (where my parents live), through Cincinnati and Nashville, to Birmingham (to visit EWTN), then back home through Charlotte (to visit another blogger and his Liturgy & Lager group).

  • Sunday - Driving to Cincinnati
  • Monday
    • Hopefully an in-studio guest on the Son Rise Morning Show
    • Driving to Nashville for a brief visit to the Dominican Sisters there
    • Driving to Hanceville in time for the Divine Office that evening
    • Driving to Irondale to my hotel
  • Tuesday
    • Divine Office, Mass, and Rosary in the morning
    • Day trip to Desoto Caverns and places in Birmingham
    • Back at Irondale for a studio tour, Divine Office, dinner, and Threshold of Hope
  • Wednesday
    • Divine Office, Mass, and Rosary in the morning
    • Day trip to the Cullman area (Ave Maria Grotto, Bankhead Forest, Rickwood Caverns)
    • Back at Irondale for dinner and EWTN Live
  • Thursday
    • Divine Office, Mass, and Rosary in the morning
    • Day trip to the Birmingham area (museums, churches, etc.)
    • Back at Irondale for Divine Office, dinner, and Life on the Rock
  • Friday
    • Driving to Hanceville in time for Mass and Rosary
    • Driving to Charlotte for Liturgy & Lager
  • Saturday - Driving home


brother Father Charlie said...

have a great journey!

Tiber Jumper said...

Wow So exciting Jeff! You will be a guest on their shows?
Drive safe.
BTW, I am giving your book, 2nd edition to my pastor this upcoming week, and hoping he would be interested in having you do a little talk perhaps?

Did you see your friend in Airbenders? My son had about a 3-4 second shot :) We saw it last nite

God bless

Jeffrey Pinyan said...

Nah, I'm not a guest on the EWTN programs. (Maybe some other time, if I talk to the right people...) I'm just going there for pilgrimage.

I'd be delighted to come and talk about the liturgy and the new translation wherever people will invite me! :)

And I haven't seen Airbender yet.