Wednesday, May 12, 2010

International Congress on Medieval Studies

I'll be in Kalamazoo, Michigan, for the next several days attending the International Congress on Medieval Studies with my wife. These are the papers I'll be attending:
  • Thursday
    • 36: Word & Image in the Mystical Experience
      • Conceiving the End of the World in Word and Image: The Mystical Experience of Saint Malachy and Hildegard of Bingen
      • "There is a threeness about you": Medieval Women Visionaries and the Trinitarian Image of God
      • Re-cognition of the Holy Child
      • String Theory: Layering Text and Image in a Medieval Persian Manuscript
    • 63: Basel and Vatican II: Similarities and Differences
      • Base and the Post-Vatican II Debate: Between Council and Conciliarism
      • Nicholas of Cusa and the Council of Basel: Can the Prodigals Find Their Way Home?
    • 143: Holy Women
      • (pending)
    • 167: Medieval Sources in Pope Benedict XVI
      • Benedict XVI's Retrieval of the Concept of Revelation as Found in Saint Bonaventure's Collationes in Hexaemaron
      • Unlocking Benedict XVI's Inner Bonaventure
      • The End of Times: The Impact of Medieval Sources on Benedict XVI's Eschatalogy
  • Friday
    • 248: Medieval Fantasy, Alchemy, and Modern Science in Tolkien's Legendarium
      • Elvencentrism: "Elven Nature Preserves" in the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien
      • "Worlds on Worlds": Tolkien, Lewis, and the Medieval and Modern Theological Implications of Extraterrestrial Life
      • Inside Literature: Tolkien's Explorations of the Medieval Genre
      • J.R.R. Tolkien and The Battle of Maldon: An Example of "Freer" Verse?
    • 315: The Liturgical Office of St. Thomas Becket (Chanted)
    • 337: Medieval Sermon Studies II: Cistercian Preaching
      • "Each belongs to all and all belong to each": Aelred of Rievaulx and His Sermons for the Feast of Saint Benedict
      • Aelred of Rievaulx's Liturgical Sermons for the Feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary
      • Johannine Glorification of Christ in John of Ford's Sermons on the Song of Songs
  • Saturday
    • 394: The Hobbit (A Roundtable)
    • 433: The Psalms
      • Allegory and "Grammatica" in Pre-scholastic Psalms Commentaries
      • Approaches to the Psalms in Hugh of Saint-Cher, Albert the Great, and Thomas Aquinas
      • The ... How Many Senses of Scripture, Now?
    • 530: The Apocalypse in the Middle Ages
      • Apocalypse Now Y1K: What a Revelation! A Comparative-Critical Literary Analysis of Anglo-Saxon Text Disguised as New Testament Biblical Study
      • "Lest he should come unforeseen...": The Antichrist Cycle in the Hortus deliciarum
      • "Write them not": The Depiction of Divine Concealment in Anglo-French Apocalypse Manuscripts
      • No Need to Worry: Thirty-One Signs That the Antichrist Came in the Fifteenth Century
  • Sunday
    • 539: Liturgy and Reform in Medieval Europe: The Evidence of Manuscripts
      • The Creed at Baptism: Ninth-Century Formation and Controversy in Manuscript Context
      • Cathedral Liturgy in High Medieval Saxony: The Example of Minden
      • Liturgical Reform in Medieval Manuscripts from Halberstadt

I take copious notes on my laptop.

Oh, and there will be daily Mass and Vespers, and many open bar receptions. I consider this a vacation. :)


brother / Father Charlie said...

hopefully the "open bar receptions" are AFTER vespers... have fun!

Jeffrey Pinyan said...

Heh, yes. Vespers at 5:20pm, receptions are 9pm or later.