Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Prayers of the People sells 500 copies!

As of 9:55 AM on February 11, 2010, Praying the Mass: The Prayers of the People has sold 500 copies around the world:  the United States, Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand.  The person who bought copy #500 is a priest from Rochester, NY, and he received a complimentary second copy as well.


Tiber Jumper said...

congratulations Jeff!! BTW, any plans for an audio version? I have a friend who is a priest who is near blind. It would be a great blessing. maybe you have to come over to the St Joseph Studio and we will record you reading it and make audio CD's available! i'm not kidding either!
God bless

Jeffrey Pinyan said...

I would very much like to produce an audio version. My original idea was a podcast series, but I don't have the equipment. Of course, you do! :)

I read on your blog today about your blind priest-friend. An audio version would be wonderful for him, I agree.

We'll need to find a weekend that works for the both of us to get it done!

Gretchen said...

Jeff, congratulations and may the next 500 come in double time. A priest in Rochester bought a copy? There is hope for my diocese!

Anonymous said...


(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)