Sunday, November 01, 2009

Liturgical Spirituality: The Baptismal Priesthood and the Mass

I will soon be presenting a rough essay in four parts.  I recently had a wonderful conversation with a fellow Catholic on the exercising of the baptismal priesthood at Mass:  the joining of our spiritual sacrifices with the bread and wine (at the Offertory) and then with the Eucharist (after the Consecration).  There have been some minor epiphanies on both sides, and I will be presenting the substance of the conversation as a series of four posts:

Here's an outline of the parts of this series:
  1. The Function of the Baptismal Priesthood in the Mass
  2. Spiritual Sacrifices United to Bread and Wine
  3. The Unique Contribution of the Bread and Wine
  4. Spiritual Sacrifices United to the Eucharist

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