Thursday, July 30, 2009

News: Sudanese Bishop warns faithful about the "Reformed Catholic Church"

Update: To be clear, the "Reformed Catholic Church" is a church with purports to have valid apostolic orders and a valid Eucharist; however, they ordain men and women. They are a denomination or ancestor of the "Old Catholic Church" (which broke off from the Catholic Church after Vatican I in the late 19th century). They have some of the Catholic faith, and some of their sacraments may be valid, but they are not in communion with the Catholic Church, because they do not recognize the primacy of the successor of Peter (the Pope, the Bishop of Rome). It is a grave sin for a Catholic to receive Communion in such a church.

Here are some excerpts from a ZENIT article. In a pastoral letter to his flock, Bishop Cesare Mazzolari of Rumbek, Sudan, warned the faithful about the breakaway sect calling itself the "Reformed Catholic Church":
"I am clearly and strongly alerting you, dear Christians, that people who call themselves The Reformed Catholic Church, in all truth, are no longer acceptable members of the Catholic Church and you should not follow them. ... These teachers are merely imitating the external ceremonies of the Church and some of its practices, but theirs is a false religion, not the Catholic faith that we know."


Followers of the Reformed Catholic Church are "perfect copy cats," Bishop Mazzolari warned, imitating prayers, readings, and external ceremonies so that "simple people" think they are attending a Catholic Mass. He continued: "Be advised that these are false practices, not Catholic practices. Do not attend such services or you will only become confused."
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