Thursday, August 21, 2008

Liturgy: "Documents on the Liturgy"

I have purchased and received this 1500-page tome on the liturgical documents from 1963 through 1979, Documents on the Liturgy. It is my goal to read (and absorb) each of the 500 or so documents contained therein; I might even briefly comment on each of them on this blog. I've already read a small percentage of them, but the others I will read and highlight.

I've been reading them in the order in which they are placed in the book, but I think it will make more sense to read them in chronological order, although that will require some jumping around in the book.

I've gotten through about 30 of the documents already (including ones I'd read before), and I've noticed a few unsettling things: the notion that the participation in the liturgy called for by the Constitution rules out Mass in Latin, the notion that a Mass celebrated facing the people is a "truer" celebration (although it is not deemed absolutely necessary for participation), and repeated warnings and admonitions about the experimentation and unbridled creativity affecting the liturgy as early as 1965.


Mark said...

Looks very interesting. I might have to get a copy.

japhy said...

It sure is massive. And one thing I have to keep reminding myself in reading these documents is that they're not necessarily in effect anymore.

That's one thing that I find a bit unsettling, that there was SO MUCH temporary legislation going on from 1964 through 1969 (and beyond).

Anonymous said...

It is very informative and I xeroxed one since it is so dear that i could not afford. You know, i am a poor guy.