Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bible Study: The Parables of Jesus Christ

There's no Bible Study this week -- we're enjoying the Octave of Easter -- but we will resume next Wednesday with an overview of the parables found in the gospels. Feel free to share the parable you like the most (or understand the least)!


Moonshadow said...

The parable of the lost coin (Luke 15:8-10) primarily because of an interpretation that suggests the money is the woman's dowry.

The coins represent her future happiness in relation to her husband.

One can spiritualize that interpretation entirely.

japhy said...

I'm not familiar with that interpretation; could you explain it a little further?

Moonshadow said...

I'm not sure the interpretation is bona fide - you can google it. Some agree, some don't.

But it helped me relate to the parable, not in monetary terms but rather how the woman safeguards and funnels her possessions into "beatitude."

(See makarios in "little Kittel" online - if the link doesn't work, google "beatitude kittel"). I recommend that single volume edition, if you don't already have it.

To spiritualize, of course, Christ is the husband.