Saturday, July 24, 2010

Theology: Grace, Faith, and Works

I posted this some three years ago.  Upon further reflection, I had "grace" and "faith" backwards.  Being saved by grace, through faith means faith is the aqueduct and grace is the water.  I re-present it, corrected accordingly.

cslink on Catholic Answer Forums, in a thread about the role of works in our salvation, brought up an analogy of a pipe with water representing grace and faith. I will take this one step further.

Consider a pipe (or aqueduct) which carries water from a source to a destination where it is used to power a device (a water-wheel, an irrigation system, etc.). The device (works) is accomplishing some task helping the town survive. The water (faith grace) enables the device to function properly. The aqueduct (grace faith) makes it possible for the water to be present. And the creator of that aqueduct (God) makes it possible for the town to even have hope of surviving.

So God saves us, by grace, through faith, in (do you have a better preposition?) works. Imagine the scenario above if the aqueduct fell short of the water-wheel: all this water getting to the town but not carrying out its purpose (grace and faith without works). All three parts are necessary for the salvation of the town.

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Tiber Jumper said...

I like this analogy!