Friday, May 25, 2007

Scripture: Why do you read the Bible?

What are some reasons you read the Bible or attend Bible studies? Be as general or specific as you'd like.


Gretchen said...

To quote Indiana Jones' dad, "Illumination."

MMajor Fan said...

To me, I like to leaf through the Bible with a feeling of looking at my family album.

With all the interest in scrapbooking, blogs, and other virtual communities, I wish that on Pentecost, Christians everywhere realize that in addition to instruction and inspiration, the Bible is their family album too. I think people sometimes forget the marvel of that, that through virtue in believing in Jesus Christ Savior, they are entitled to think of the Bible as their family album, uniting people from the remotest areas on earth. Everyone looks at the same time at their spiritual grandparents and extended family!

Weekend Fisher said...

To know God, and to let God's Word form within me.

jazmin8403 said...

Three main reasons: First, for spiritual growth in general. Second, I love books, so I ought to be reading The Book as often as possible. Third, I'm doing my part to fight anti-Catholicism by becoming a scripturally literate lay Catholic. If Protestants can do it, we can do it, too!

japhy said...

jazmin, reason #3 hits home for me. I've become far more Bible-literate since attending a Bible study at a non-denom church in my town (as well as attending studies at my parish and nearby Princeton University).

I stunned a group of Catholic college students at Rutgers by identifying the book, chapter, and verse one of them was alluding to... 1 Peter 3:15 of all verses!

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