Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Retreat: Sons and Daughters of the Light

I'll be on a retreat from Friday to Sunday this weekend at the Newark Archdiocesan Youth Retreat Center. I'll post my thoughts and a recap sometime Sunday or Monday.

I've also been very busy lately (with work and with a night course at Rutgers) which is why there hasn't been a Scripture reflection and commentary this month. I hope to resume those as soon as I can get back into a calmer weekly routine.


Gabbatha said...

Are you going to get saved there? Haha... kidding. Have fun. I'll see you when you get back.

Kristin said...

If you believe there is such a thing as a "calmer weekly routine", you have only a few months to achieve it. My weekly routine is anything but calm and you will ultimately be swept up in it ;)

Anonymous said...

hi jeff- So great to meet you on the weekend. Thank you for doing night prayer and for doing adoration all nite saturday Tamara told me you were down in the chapel by yourself for a couple hours i apoligize for that i was supposed to come down but fell asleep
i felt soooo bad
i hope we can all keep in touch and maybe get together soon
good luck with your engagement and congradulations again! cant wait to read what you post about the weekend!
god bless

japhy said...

Heh, that's all right. I actually fell asleep during the end of the 2-3 hour. I think I woke up at the sound of the door shutting as Tamara left.

It was really hard to stay awake after that, especially since I couldn't have been sleeping for more than 20 minutes or so at that point. Luckily, Sam came down around 3:30 to relieve me, and I left at about 4 to get some sleep.

Check back soon -- I hope to have another post up by Wednesday.