Thursday, May 08, 2008

Kalamazoo: Arrival

Kristin and I flew from Philadelphia to Detroit (6:15pm), and then on to Kalamazoo (9:30pm). Kristin's not a fan of airplanes, especially not small ones (not that the planes we were on were particularly small). Our seats on our first flight were in the very back, right by the engines, so we didn't talk much (since we couldn't hear each other very well).

In Detroit, we had over an hour to wait, and Kristin was still a bit shaky. As we ate, I noticed a priest speaking of Kalamazoo. Kristin saw a few people she recognized too.

The flight to Kalamazoo was oversold (by two people, it seemed), and we were not seated near each other at all. We were rolling on the runway for at least ten minutes, and I asked the woman seated next to me if we were planning on driving the plane to Kalamazoo. :)

I read nearly two-thirds of By What Authority? by Mark Shea (thanks, Gretchen!) on the plane rides. I practiced my Latin verb conjugations in between flights.

Once we landed, we boarded a bus to Western Michigan University, and we were in our dorm room by midnight.

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