Thursday, November 11, 2010

Verbum Domini — Plain Text and MS Word

Here are links to three versions of Verbum Domini.  They're smaller in page-count than the 208-page PDF!
  1. Plain text
  2. MS Word (letter, 58 pages)
  3. MS Word (folio, 84 pages)
These documents do not differ from the original English PDF, except for formatting, and the exclusion of the Index from the end of the document. In the MS Word documents, the footnotes included as actual footnotes; in the plain-text document, they are endnotes.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for converting VERBUM DOMINI!

Now I can read it on my smart phone in Word.

God bless!

owenswain said...

Fantastic! Thanks so much.

Fr. Michael said...
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Jeffrey Pinyan said...

Sorry for the delay, Fr. Michael. Yes, the server that hosted those files is down at the moment (for a LONG moment, it seems). I'll make the file available elsewhere, and email you.

Ted Janiszewski said...

I don't suppose you could send me that Word document as well? I'd really appreciate it.

Grace be with you,


Jeffrey Pinyan said...

Ted, if you leave me another comment, it will be moderated (not auto-published), so you can give me your email address that way, and I'll send you the file.

Ted Janiszewski said...
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