Monday, December 10, 2001

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Anonymous said...

1. It might be helpful to list the number of results following a search, in case it's a huge number. Obviously searchers will find that out soon enough, but a number would give an idea whether the large number is manageable, or if winnowing the search will be necessary, and by how much.

2. I wish I could read the entire document, not just the search result excerpts. If that's not possible from your server, is there any easy way to link directly to the document at say Adoremus? I can just punch it into Google, but it's a few extra steps, and as you know it's these small advances in efficiency that make all the difference.

Regardless, I love the site. Keep up the good work, and keep adding documents.

Jeffrey Pinyan said...

1. Very easy to implement.

2. Also easy to implement. (I keep text versions of the documents, but I could easily link to HTML versions.)

Thanks for the suggestions; I'll act on them soon!

Anonymous said...

Link to GCatholic is out of date. It should be